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Everybody Loves A Road Trip!

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Glenn Ballantyne

My parents took my brothers and me to every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. We traveled in cars, trucks and motor homes. We also traveled on motorcycles and in airlines, boats and my parentsí private airplane. My mom and dad were both pilots. My love for nature and mobility blossoms when teaching and inspiring students.





David Miller, P.E.

From an early age, my parents would take me and my siblings on vacation. We would pack up the car and head somewhere on a road trip. It was always an adventure. We would always play road bingo where we tried to find a particular object and could mark it off the bingo card or the alphabet game where we had to find a word on road sign or building that started with a specific letter. I particularly enjoyed going to bigger cities, like Los Angeles, which had wide highways and interchanges. I was always amazed how they could get all the different roadways to connect. When people asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would always say, "I want to design highways and those big interchanges."

I have never lost the enjoyment of road trips. Many of the tourist attractions that I saw as a boy, I have taken my wife and children to see. This country has so much to offer and most places are found only when you get out and take a road trip.