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If you took your students outside to the sidewalk of the street in front of your school and walked together silently, with them making notes of everything they heard and felt, you would gather an amazing amount of information. You could use that information for discussing hundreds of topics from sand in concrete to the kinds of lenses in traffic cameras.

The progress of people throughout history has changed basic slow trails to higher speed and complex, technology added Super Highways. As the needs of the people change and increase, the demands put upon ground transportation facilities change and increase along with them. As our vision and technology advance we have more opportunity to make our roads safer, faster, quieter, cleaner, longer lasting and more aesthetically beautiful. We must prepare our future scientists, engineers, politicians, computer specialists, environmentalists, sociologists and finance experts, who are now children of your classroom.

The purpose of Everybody Loves A Road Trip is to engage students in thoughtful activities that create minds open to critical thinking. This exciting program takes each student down the "road" of history to when rivers and streams supported plant and animal life. Animals blazed the first trails, followed by Native Americans, pioneers and eventually colonization and urban sprawl.

As your students participate in the activities of this course the scientific, historical, social and political factors that ultimately shape our ground transportation network, from dirt streets to elevated Super Highways will become clear and connected.