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Activity Three: World Timeline -

How Did History Influence the Adaptation and Advancement

of Trail to Roads to Highways?

The purpose of this assignment is to help

students gain an understanding of

how the our way of life has contributed to

the evolution of trails to superhighways.

The timeline activity is designed to allow the students to separate into 7 groups of ~4 students per group.

Each group is given one of the following topics and a set of internet links.

Their activity is to find out as much as they can about the history and evolution of their topic. The groups will then come together, share the information that each has discovered and discuss how these topics have had a collaborative affect on the evolution of roadways

(or how the evolution of road have affected the topics!)

The topic areas are not intended to fit together sequentially…they are meant to address only their own timeline.


Evolution Of Shoes history%20your20shoes/history%20your%20shoes.htm


Evolution Of Communities

(from tribes to industrial cities to the global community)

(see history section)

(kinship and political structure sections)


Evolution Of Navigation ID=3&CID=1&Language=4&TT=7a1281a6%3Ababa37bd%3A00000000%3A00000000% 3A00000000%3A00000000%3Albj33sn4ja3nnjekq18ekaopb6

Evolution Of The Wheel

(see wheeled transport section)

Evolution Of Road (Transportation) Safety

(use the links to:

in the beginning, the first 50 years, the post-war period,

and what's next that are found on the left under car safety)

Evolution Of The Transportation Of Goods

(from our arms and backs to semis, ships and planes)

(see early roads, wheeled transport

and united states of america, paragraphs 1-3)

Evolution Of Road Signage

Extra Credit: Evolution of Socks